The biggest downside to most RV care companies is their lack of mobility. As an RV owner, you probably spend a lot of time traveling. If you’re the adventurous type, you will often venture far into the wilderness. That’s great for vacations, but it’s a problem if your RV breaks down. Finding a vehicle repair shop is hard when you’re deep in the Florida Everglades or the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

With RV Care Pros mobile service, you don’t have to drag your damaged RV anywhere. The repair technicians will come to you. Just place a call, explain your issue, and wait for the team to arrive. RV Care Pros can generally get your RV fully functional within 24 hours of receiving your request. If you’re still not convinced that RV Care Pros is the right RV repairs company for you, just check out the coverage and services below.

Coverage Radius

With mobile RV service, you are covered within a 60-mile radius from all RV Care Pros service locations. Currently, RV Care Pros has service locations in California, Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Texas. As long as you are within 60 miles of any of these locations, you can count on rapid and trustworthy RV care.

You can place a request for RV repairs by email or phone. Of course, you don’t have to only rely on mobile services. If you are close to a service location and your RV is safe to drive, feel free to bring your RV to the nearest RV Care Pros location.


The technicians at RV Care Pros work on every part of the RV except the chassis portion. Available services include repairs for:

For best results, don’t wait for a catastrophic problem to call the mobile RV service. Schedule regular RV maintenance with RV Care Pros so that you can catch and fix issues as quickly as possible.

Seasonal Inspections

Speaking of RV maintenance: you should schedule seasonal inspections once or twice a year, depending on the weather your RV is likely to encounter. Seasonal inspections prepare RVs for seasonal weather conditions. RV Care Pros offers two choices for seasonal RV services: winterization and spring start-up.


Winter conditions pose a number of challenges for RVs. Piled snow can damage your RV’s roof or tear through an awning. Untreated water pipes may freeze and burst. If your furnace or hot water heater has an undiagnosed problem, the strain of increased use could cause a total breakdown.

Winterization services protect your RV against these issues. By booking winterization inspection and repair services, you can make sure your roof is in good condition, your insulation is functional, and your heating technologies are fully operational. Ideally, you should schedule winterization treatment shortly before leaving for winter trips. Preventative RV care is much cheaper than paying hundreds of dollars to fix any damage.

Spring Start-Up

Many people go on vacation in the spring and summer, meaning more RVs on the road and correspondingly higher demand for RV repairs. Skip the line by preparing your RV before leaving for your summer trip.

Spring start-up includes a comprehensive inspection to check for roof cracks, water damage, low tire pressure, and other common issues. If you previously winterized your RV, you can have some winterization precautions reversed for summer. Your technician can remove any lingering antifreeze from your water system and ensure that your air conditioner is ready to go.

Discover the Benefits of RV Care Pros 

Mobile RV service brings the RV repairs you need directly to you. Access professional RV maintenance from the comfort of your own home or book an appointment for emergency repairs while you’re on the road. If you’re like most RV owners, you invested a lot of money and positive memories into your RV. You should keep it in good shape to enjoy it for many vacations to come.

Check out the RV Care Pros service page to discover the many perks of working with RV Care Pros. You can request a service quote to learn more about pricing and discount opportunities. The team at RV Care Pros looks forward to meeting you!

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