Awnings are among the most popular RV accessories. RV awnings are made of sturdy fabric supported by metal arms that can be retracted and extended as needed. Awnings are a great source of shade on hot days, but they aren’t just a nice bonus for summer trips. They can also protect sensitive equipment from rain and offer shelter from snowfalls. Many RVs have awnings built into their design, and those that don’t can easily be modified to include awnings. 

Whether your RV has a built-in or an add-on awning, you should know how to maintain it. Regular RV awning maintenance will keep your awning working for as long as the rest of your RV lasts. Some RV awning issues are simple to repair on your own, but others require professional assistance. Learn more about common awning problems, how to handle them, and how you can benefit from RV awning repair services.

RV Awning Maintenance Tips

Awnings are often used as shelter from weather. As a result, they take the brunt of heat, rain, snow, and hail. Weather damage plus ordinary wear and tear can cause issues with your awning. The most common issues are holes in the fabric, broken mechanisms, and sagging canopies. Luckily, you can prevent most problems by following these RV awning maintenance tips.

Clean Your Awning

Awning fabric is typically made of either vinyl or acrylic. Both of these are tough materials, but they still need to be cleaned. If your awning isn’t regularly cleaned, mold and mildew will grow on it and eat through the fabric. Neglected vinyl awnings are especially susceptible to mildew.

Prevent tears caused by mold damage by cleaning your awning with a mixture of water and dish soap. Scrub the awning with an abrasive brush and let it completely dry before retracting it. If you leave water on a retracted awning, it won’t dry and you will encourage more mold growth. If you notice some mold or mildew on your awning while you are cleaning it, add bleach to your cleaning solution. Use bleach sparingly because it can cause worn spots on the fabric.

Fix Tears with Awning Repair Tape

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your awning develops a few holes. Alternatively, you might buy a secondhand RV and later discover the awning is torn. If there are only a few rips, you don’t need to replace the whole awning. Instead, you should use awning repair tape. Awning repair tape is resistant to UV damage and has strong adhesive properties. It will cover fabric punctures and prevent them from becoming worse.

Replace Sagging Canopies

Pooled rainwater or snow that sits too long on the awning canopy will cause a permanent sag. The fabric gets stretched out from the weight and loses its ability to snap tight. When awning fabric becomes stretched out, it is more susceptible to tears. The longer the sag goes untreated, the worse it will become.

As long as your awning is in good shape, water should run off it smoothly. If you notice it pooling anywhere, empty out the pool and make an appointment to get your awning checked by a repair service. If snow piles up on your awning, brush it off as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, if the sag becomes too severe, there’s no way to repair it. You’re better off replacing the whole thing. Book an appointment for RV awning replacement with a reputable RV service company like RV Care Pros.

Long-Term Maintenance for Your RV Awning

When it comes to RV awning maintenance, the key things you can do are inspect and clean your awning. You should do a thorough cleaning at least twice a year. If you travel with your RV very frequently or if you spend a lot of time in areas with harsh weather, then you should examine and clean your awning more frequently. The more time you invest in maintenance, the more money you will save on long-term repairs.

That said, you’re bound to eventually encounter an issue that you can’t fix on your own. When that happens, contact RV Care Pros repair service. RV Care Pros can do regular RV awning maintenance checks, repair damage, and perform full RV awning replacement. It even has a mobile repair service that brings skilled technicians directly to you. That way, if you’re stuck far away from any regular RV Care Pros site, you can still get the help you need. Check out the RV Care Pros service page to learn more about RV Care Pros’ services.

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